1, Q: Are you hiring drivers? A: NO – Long Answer: Most pilots like me, are independent contractors (Sole proprietorship or LLC) there are very few “Pilot Car Companies” that hire drivers, but they do exist.

2, Q: How do I become a pilot? A: Google is your friend; I am not a life coach. – Nice Answer: You really need to do your research, there are many Facebook Groups that have a wealth of information that will lead you down a rabbit hole of great information. You just need to weed through all of the negative responses.

3, Q: How do I get certified? A: See above – Nice Answer: I did the typing for you, click here

4, I saw a side hustle video on TikTok A: Just go away…. Real Answer: These are click bait videos that have incomplete or inaccurate information. Getting started is not as easy as these so-called influencers make it seem. You need startup funds, proper insurance, certification and reliable equipment. It’s a tad more involved than they lead you to believe.

5, Can I do a ride along with you to learn the ropes? A: NO – Nice Answer: No, because it a matter of insurance, I am not going to potentially open myself or my customers up to a possible insurance claim if there is an incident on the run where you get injured. It’s simply not a smart business decision.