APCS Rates

Local Rate
Local Mini: (Any local load up to 60 miles or 4 hours portal to portal total time) add $10.00 for loaded miles between 60-80, and $25.00 for 80-100 miles)

Extended Mini: applies over 100-150 miles at flat rate Rear Pilot $285.00 / Height Pole $315.00 up to 6 hours total time incurred portal to portal hourly time observed with giving 1hr per day for a total of 7hrs before hourly rate is applied.

Front or Rear Pilot - $175.00
Height Pole - $195.00
“Rate depends on region and availability” (Hourly Rate may apply due to routed area)

(Any local load that exceeds 4 hours total time; hourly / extended mini or mileage rate minimum may apply)

Hourly Rate
(Hourly rate consists of any local work up to 10hrs total time) hourly rate applied for pilot car on total time incurred from door step to door step (Portal to Portal) for total time vehicle wear and tear.

Height Pole
Up to 18.0” tall, Hourly Rate $65.00 per hour (CA/OR/WA/NV/ID/UT/CO $75.00 per hour)
Over 18.0” $70.00 per hour (CA/OR/WA/NV/ID/UT/CO $80.00 per hour)
(Loads over 19.0” depending on dimensions being moved hourly rate applied may be adjusted for a 2nd surveyor for pin to pin measurement help)

Front / Rear Pilot $50.00 per hour (CA/OR/WA/NV/ID/UT/CO $55.00 per hour)

Mileage Rate
Mileage is based on a minimum of 295 loaded miles per day on average daily movement; otherwise load is considered slow moving and either day or hourly rate applies depending on load specifics.

Height Pole
Up to 18.0”Tall - $1.85 per mile (CA/OR/WA/NV/ID/UT/CO $1.95 per mile)
Over 18.0”Tall $1.95 per mile (CA/OR/WA/ID/UT/CO $2.05 per mile)

Front or Rear pilot (No height pole required)
$1.70 per mile per vehicle (CA/OR/WA/NV/ID/UT/CO $1.75 per mile)

Day Rate
Day rate applies at the 10 hours total time on single day loads or when tied up under unfinished slow moving loads that have movement on that particular day, and when tied up out of town still under the load for the following day, unless hours in excess of 12-hours have been incurred for that particular day where hourly rate will apply on total time (where mileage rate does not apply)

Height Pole
Up to 18.0” tall $550.00 per day per vehicle (CA/OR/WA/NV/ID/UT/CO $600.00 per day)
Over 18.0” tall $600.00 per day (Over 18.0” tall CA/OR/WA/NV/ID/UT/CO $650.00 per day)
(Depends on availability in the local area of load movement)
Front or Rear Pilot (No height pole required)
$500.00 per day per vehicle (CA/OR/WA/NV/ID/UT/CO $550.00 per day)
(Depends on availability in the local area of load movement)

Route Surveys
Flat hourly rate applies at $75.00 per hour for field total time involved (Desk Time is divided in half on hourly rate) along with applicable overnight charges when incurred per day (CA/OR/WA/NV/ID/UT/CO $80.00 per hour)

Overnight / Layover
$100.00 per night per vehicle “will be applied whenever an overnight is required per pilot car” unless the room rate is excessive in the area whereas the room cost will then be billed.

$0.65 per excess mile (CA/OR/WA/ID/UT/CO $0.70 per excess mile)
(Deadhead when applicable is calculated to and from the routed area of the load)

$25.00 per hour per vehicle (CA/OR/WA/ID/UT/CO $30.00hr)
(Only applies on mileage rated days that have more than 1hr per day)

Flagging / Traffic Control
Flat Hourly rate of $50.00 per hour per vehicle will be applied.

Load Security
$45.00 per hour (time on site, within 2 hours of Phoenix)

Local $100.00 2hrs pre-call before load moves required on local moves to avoid charges.

Out of town pickup area flat rate $200.00 (Where pilot cars show up and load does not go, 4hrs pre-call before load moves required on local moves to avoid charges)

Mileage & Day Rate rate: $225.00 per day per vehicle (Only if out of town where overnights are required) In case of a load cancelation at time of pilot cars show up of out of town loads roundtrip flat hourly rate will apply at $50.00 per hour (California & Pacific Coast $55.00)

(Multiple day loads are billed by the day rate or by miles traveled if the loaded miles for that day exceeded 295. All Loads are subject to custom tailoring of charges due to load movement and negotiated specifics of hours worked to miles traveled to pilot car deadhead involved where applicable; in the case of excess deadhead to and from the routed area; the hourly or deadhead mileage rate will be charged portal to portal for fair monies billed for time / wear and tear of pilot car overhead costs)

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